Borderline Genius Moving Hacks (Must Read)

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Moving requires planning, organization and a lot of time and energy. These hacks will make life much easier, and create a smooth move!

Hanger Trash Bag Trick

This hack stops clothes from getting dirty in the move and keeps your new closet organized before your clothes are even in it! Leave clothes on their hangers in your closet and use a rubber band to tie together between 10 and 15 hangers. Grab your trash bag and starting at the bottom of your clothes pull it over the clothes until they are fully covered. Tie the trash bag at the top near the rubber band. When you arrive in your new space take hang each bag in your new closet. Untie the trash bag and cut the rubber band off. Spread out the hangers a bit and your new closet is ready to go. 


Tape Screws and Bolts on the Back of Furniture

No one likes the dreaded feeling when they are *almost* finished putting together a piece of furniture and realize thery can't find that last screw. Screws and bolts are small and easy to lose in the first place, and moving  only only makes losing them easier. Put the screws and bolts in a zip lock bag and tape it to the back of the furniture piece so you can find them every time.



Don't Forget to Utilize Your Suitcases!

You are already moving your suitcases, don't forget to pack them! This is a perfect place to throw socks and shoes in so you can always find both shoes easily.


Create an "Open First" Box

Make things easier on yourself by creating a "carry-on" or "open-first" box. This should hold the essentials such as a new change of clothes, shampoo, conditioner and a towel, a tooth brush and tooth paste tape, scissors, wet wipes, a drill, a few cleaning supplies and paper towels. 


Get FREE boxes from Uhaul

Uhaul offers a program where they allow customers to recycle their moving boxes, which means they are free for customers to use!


Send Amazon Packages to your New Home

Ship items directly to your new home to avoid moving additional boxes. To time this correctly you can keep an ongoing list on Amazon in your cart, then wait to order until one day before you close on your new home. This means the day after you close your boxes will be ready for you!


Start a free 7-day Trial for Amazon Fresh to Deliver Groceries

Amazon offers 2 hour grocery delivery. Amazon Prime members already have access to Amazon Fresh, but non-prime members can sign up for a free 7 day trial of Amazon Prime to qualify.


The Kemp Van

Before you rent the biggest Uhaul there is, save some money by renting a smaller Uhaul and using the Kemp Van as an additive for the rest of your items! The Kemp Van is available for all past and present clients at no cost. This 2018 Ford Transit Van can hold large appliances and has an interior height of over 6 feet tall. Use the van for spring cleaning, decluttering, bulky items, or hauling items movers can't move. It's yours to borrow at any time - just ask.