Buyer's Desires: What are they looking for?

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Home Improvement

It's no surprise that buyer's wants and needs have changed within the past six months, but before you invest in your home consider the true value of what those projects will bring come closing. Here are a few features that buyers are interested in right now.


Dedicated Workspace For The Whole Family

Virtual learning, zoom calls and webinars, the remote work has truly become a part of our new norm. Buyers will be interested in a space they can picture themselves comfortably working in, and as virtual learning has become a part of this new school year children need a productive space too.


Outdoor Space

As we spend more time at home, entertaining and relaxing backyard spaces are more desirable than ever. Your potential buyer will want a separate, comfortable space to transition from a long work day to a peaceful evening. Outdoor spaces are also desired for the kids, who are ready to burn off some energy and just spend time being kids, after a long school day.



Updated Kitchen

Learning to bake bread and trying out the most popular recipes on Pinterest are the new favorite past time activities, so home owners are interested in a kitchen that they are excited to use. This might mean new appliances, or just a fresh coat of neutral, light colored paint to brighten the space. The kitchen is the area where most time is spent, so it is important that it is functional and inviting. 


Energy Efficiency

Having energy efficient amenities in your home gives you a great advantage as a seller. The extra time spent in our homes can quickly increase utility bills and gives us time to make small changes. There has been a slow but steady transformation of smart technology becoming more common in your average household, so it is important to keep up with the movement. A few small changes that make a big difference are energy efficient light bulbs, smart thermostats and opting for electrically powered stove tops.



Main Floor Laundry Room

No one likes to carry a full hamper up or down a flight of stairs, so a main level laundry room is ideal. Some enhancements that will draw buyers in are shelves, cabinets, and additional storage. These additions allow a smaller space to become more functional. 



We hope these tips have been helpful for you and wish you safe and well during these times.