Realtor for New Construction? YES!

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Thinking of building a new home? More questions than answers? No need to worry because we are here to help! 

There are many steps to building a new home and some can be quite overwhelming. Here are eight reasons why it is important to allow Scott & Laura Kemp to come along side of you in this process and represent you as your real estate agents:

1) ASSIST: Scott & Laura will help you find a neighborhood that fits your needs, research a reputable builder and look for the perfect lot on which to build. 

2) SELECTIONS: Building a new home means you will be inundated with decisions - some of which are more important than others. Scott & Laura will help you compare floor plan costs as well as features and add-ons that will impact the re-sale value of your new home. Laura's background in interior design allows her to give both an educated real estate and design perspective that benefits you!

3) EARNEST MONEY: With earnest money being anywhere from $1000 to up to 10% of the purchase price, it is important to know who will be holding on to this! Typically your real estate agent will hold on to this check and deposit it after an offer has been agreed upon. Scott & Laura have proven their integrity with countless transactions and a reputation to follow. 

4) NEGOTIATIONS: Some believe a builder representative will work in place of a real estate agent. The problem with this is that the person you are choosing to represent you, actually is representing the builder. Scott & Laura represent YOU and make sure they are negotiating to benefit YOU, not the builder. 

5) BUILDING DETAILS: Part of the overwhelming task of building is trying to organize all of the building surveys, inspections and radon testing among other things. Scott & Laura have experience working with these details and will be there to organize and oversee these crucial building steps. 

6) MONITOR: There are many steps to building; site preparations, foundation, mechanics, inspections, interior, landscaping, etc. Scott & Laura will monitor the progress, visit the job site, and send you updates along the way! 

7) CLOSING: Scott & Laura will work with the title company, the survey company, help secure financing, and be present to represent you during every step and every detail. There are many legal documents presented at closing and you absolutely want someone there representing you and your best interests.

8) EXTRA EYES: It always helps to have an extra set of eyes during the entire build, but especially during the final walk-through! Scott & Laura will be present during this process and be able to point out details you might miss. It is normal to be excited for your new home as you have waited many months for this moment - do not let the joy of seeing the final product distract you from any necessary tweaks. 

If you or someone you know has questions about building a home, feel free to reach out! We would love to help.