Winter to Spring in 5 Steps

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Home Improvement

It's *finally* time to make the change! Here are 5 easy ways to transition your home from Winter to Spring [or straight to Summer since the Midwest likes to skip Spring]. 


Decluttering will help simplify the cleaning process. Open the windows, blast the music, and start organizing! Keep, Trash, Donate. Then you can move on to vacuuming, mopping, and dusting! Throw that vacuum cleaner straight onto the couch - it's amazing what has been hiding in there all Winter. Finish with cleaning windows and mirrors. You'll feel so much better when it's all done!


Pot some indoor plants! Place them on tables, shelves, or the floor to bring in the outdoors. Don't have a green thumb? That's okay - try some low-maintenance succulents or no-maintenance artificial foliage. Never kept plants inside before? They're pretty fantastic if you can keep them alive. Plants improve air quality, give off oxygen, reduce carbon monoxide, and can reduce dust and airborne toxins. 


Switch up the curtains and see the difference! Pick something light and bright that ties into the rest of your decor. Consider changing the curtains in the main living areas as well as bedrooms to spread Spring throughout the entire home. 


Ditch the shells and add something new - like flowers, geometric designs, or new fun sayings to hang on the wall. A little goes a long way in a small space like this, so you may just want to update the shower curtain or grab some new towels. It's up to you! 


Consider replacing some of those staple pieces with more seasonal items. Still have that plain, porcelain cookie jar from 3 years ago? Put that in storage, and put out something a little more relevant - like a bunny! Swap out your kitchen towels with some new ones that scream, 'I'm ready to go outside without a coat on!' Last, but not least, buy some flowers. Always have fresh flowers in your kitchen! Not only does it look nice, but it is a daily reminder to make sure you stop and smell the flowers. 




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